Wednesday, October 10, 2007

family weekend!


My sis & I watching game 3 Yankees vs. Indians at the O~I threw the hat off sometime during game 4 damn Yankees!!!
Madi & her Nana

Amazingly beautiful!

I think I will stretch out right here...

She has mastered sleeping! Of course she had a long day, we got up & went to church Sunday morning~kudos for mom, woke up an hour before we had to be there, but we were there & pretty! Leslee & Scott were excited to see Madilyn, Scott said she sure is cute!

Hayden Riley

Amber, Madi & Hayden (he is a year & 6 days older than Madi!)~it's cute, Amber is holding his arm so he doesn't smack Madi, he already had gotten her once, she didn't know what to think of that! He didn't mean to though, he is still learning how to be "gentle" with the baby. I remember when he was Madi's size!

Look, it is my 1st pic taken with my very own digital camera...FINALLY! Thank you to Miss Amber (holding Madi)...and it is pink too!


Saturday evening me, my sis & Madilyn went to my dad's house for pizza with the girls! Three of my nieces were there, Destiny, Tisha & Sierra (she wouldn't let me take her pic). It has been a while since we saw them & spent good quality time, so it was a really nice evening! The girls were playing downstairs of course their noise traveled up the stairs & Madilyn kept looking around like, I want to go play with those girls...soon enough baby girl!

Grandma holding Madilyn (pic is a little bright!) Grandpa is trying to get her to say "Papa"

Destiny, Tisha & Madilyn

Tisha & Madilyn (Grandpa's "big" buddy) ~she loves this little one SO much! Grandpa watched Madi one day & Tisha was out of school only thing she wanted to do with her day off was stay home & help Grandpa with the baby...

Grandpa & Madilyn (Grandpa's "little" buddy)

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