Friday, November 23, 2007

1st Thanksgiving

"I have my spoon now I am ready to eat"

"Let's see if I can get this whole thing in my mouth"
Madilyn & Great Grandma GG
Madi says "watch your nose Grandma"
Sitting pretty, Fredrik didn't learn the 1st time he put her up there & she spit up in his hair!
"Watch out mom, it won't be long & I will be running all over the place"

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I thought I would share a couple of random photos, I hope to have more tomorrow from our Thanksgiving today & definately Monday from our weekend! Scott & Leslee's wedding is Saturday...YAY!

For my friends & family that are reading this I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. This is the best yet & I don't know where I would even begin if I had to give a speech on what I am thankful for...well I take that back, I would begin with Madi. She is absolutely the light of my life & don't know what I have done without her. I look forward to many more wonderful turkey dinners with my girl & can't wait til next year when she can actually eat the food! I am also very thankful for my family. They have helped me so much not only through my pregnancy, but with Madilyn. Typically when you have a baby you have lots of family & friends around that want to help, but I have had unending support & assistance. I cannot thank everyone enough for all they have done for me & you all know who you are & how special you are to me & Madi. I apologize for not making a personal "shout out".

I also want to say congrats to the Graf family & the birth of their beautiful quads Pius, Forrest, Danna & Laine. I wish your family a special Thanksgiving & safe travel to Phoenix.

I am overwhelmed with emotion thinking how blessed I am for my wonderful family, not just the family I was born to, but my chosen family also I cannot be appreciative enough. So, I will leave you all with these pics & hope you have a wonderful yet filling day!

Just waking up...looks grumpy like mommy when she 1st wakes up!
Madilyn is starting to suck her thumb & you can't see it much in this picture, but she has her rattle in her hand while sucking her thumb!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We hung out with Jan & Sami yesterday, somehow I didn't get pics of the two of them, although I should have because we went to Wal-Mart & they were so cute in the backseat of the car side by side. I had bought Madilyn a jumparoo Monday night, so I thought I'd let her try Sami's out 1st.

When we got home I put hers together, no tools required yippee!!! It was all snap together, although I have gotten pretty good at putting her toys together with tools & DIRECTIONS! My mom had to put her swing together before she was born because I didn't understand the directions & got frustrated. I have learned more patience since then & have a better understanding of the directions.
She was really bouncing & yelling a lot because she was so excited, I think she likes it!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

4 months

Tuesday was Madilyn's 4 month check up, yes she is almost 4 months old~unbelieveable! She is 13 lbs. 12 oz. in the 75th percentile & 25.5 inches long in the 90th percentile. Dr. Davis says that she is perfectly healthy & whatever I'm doing keep it up because he is perfect & beautiful! The pic below was taken on the examination table (before she got shots :()...she says "nowI have a hold of the foot if I can just get it in my mouth". Doc also said I can start her on solids...rice cereal for now & baby food at 6 months. Below you will find pics of her 1st taste of rice cereal, she wasn't quite sure, but I don't think she really disliked it! Ok, I could be wrong though juding by the faces! I tried it too & made about the same face, YUCK! It has absolutely positively no flavor!

Monday, November 5, 2007

I was wrong!

Ok, so I was looking back on my blogger & found more than 1 photo where Madilyn is smiling...why did it seem like this was the 1st time? Maybe because I get the "pose" look 85% of the time...if you look at her photos you know what I mean when I say the "pose". So, I take it back, this is not the 1st smile caught on camera & I can't really say it is the prettiest either because every picture she is in is pretty! Which she like to be told too, that is the best way to get her to smile is to tell her she is "such a pretty girl" or I always tell her "you are the most beautiful girl in the world!

On another subject, I think Madilyn is teething, although I can't see any white bumps on her gums, she drools & chews on ANYTHING she can get in her mouth! The other day it was pretty funny~I showed her, her toes of course right in the mouth they went then she started chewing on her big toe & giggled because it tickled. Then, I started laughing, which makes her laugh even more! She is so much fun & knows how to make ya smile! I am so blessed

1st Smile...caught on camera!

Madi usually freezes when you get out the camera, she can have a great big smile on her face & even if you try to be sneaky so I was pretty lucky to get this one, I think she is going to start hamming it up!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I see myself

Madilyn's 1st Halloween

Halloween Eve~Madilyn's new will see a lot of him! Nana bought this for Madi last year in November!
Halloween Night~we started off the evening having dinner at Applebee's with Aunt Rhandi, Jan, Jimmy & Sami
Sami & Madi while we waited for a table
Jimmy, Jan & Sami~beautiful family!
I think we know who all 3 are! I think Jimmy & Madi both found a new buddy!
"Where is my dinner?"
After dinner we headed to dad's church where they were having a trick-or-treat game/fun night. Dad really hasn't had a chance to show Madilyn off to his friends, he sure was proud!

Mommy's little penguin~

Sami & Madi"little witch" Listening to Grandpa
My 3 nieces -the unicorn, the princess & the witch
Tisha Destiny Jenny