Friday, November 9, 2007

4 months

Tuesday was Madilyn's 4 month check up, yes she is almost 4 months old~unbelieveable! She is 13 lbs. 12 oz. in the 75th percentile & 25.5 inches long in the 90th percentile. Dr. Davis says that she is perfectly healthy & whatever I'm doing keep it up because he is perfect & beautiful! The pic below was taken on the examination table (before she got shots :()...she says "nowI have a hold of the foot if I can just get it in my mouth". Doc also said I can start her on solids...rice cereal for now & baby food at 6 months. Below you will find pics of her 1st taste of rice cereal, she wasn't quite sure, but I don't think she really disliked it! Ok, I could be wrong though juding by the faces! I tried it too & made about the same face, YUCK! It has absolutely positively no flavor!

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Amanda said...

Oh! I wish I would have taken a picutre of Eli at the doctor's! I took one everywhere else.......!