Saturday, October 27, 2007

Madilyn's ears pierced

This is a picture of a child who has no idea what is about to happen, she isn't unhappy, just hadn't been awake for very long!
Marking the spot...

the 1st one goes in...

...and the 2nd, we had to go from the pacifier to the bottle

Clearly this didn't make her a happy baby, but she is so pretty & there will be no more mistaking her for a boy!
As long as we kept her bottle in her mouth she was just fine. She only cried for 5 minutes, if that! She has thrown bigger fits than that over nothing! I remember when Emma had hers done she screamed for 2 hrs!
Here we are today & she has already forgotten, I know I'm partial & have said it before, but isn't she amazingly beautiful? It has to be a hat day, her hair (what little she has) keeps getting "fuzzy"!

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