Saturday, September 29, 2007

China Star

Last night a friend of mine tooks us to dinner at China Star here are some pics, of course they are not in order, I never can get this right, the ones at the bottom should be at the top...although she was sleeping when we got there & again when we left. I love the picture of their hands, he was holding out his hand for Madi to play with & I thought it was neat the way she laid hers on top of his like "Mama, look at the difference..."

It sure is exhausting to be told you are beautiful all the time! Whew~what is a girl to do?!?!
These are the looks I get when I tell Madilyn she is the most beautiful girl in the world...I really need to get a digital camera though! My phone has horrible lighting & for some reason the pics suddenly won't get bigger than this.
Look at the differences in their hands!

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