Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I realize this puts my blog a little out of order, but I just received these pics from my mom & had to share them.

Now, this is beauty.
First bath~you can see she wasn't the happiest. She screamed like this the 1st 2-3 wks I gave her baths, then she realized it wasn't so bad.

This is another one of my favorites~

Uncle Uffe

Aunt Rhandi~she loves this little girl so much she moved home from Phoenix.

Grandpa & Grandma Stroud & Grandma GG, I think this is probably the best birthday present Grandma Stroud has ever received, Madilyn was born on her 77th birthday

Grandma GG~this is her girl!

Happy family~Granddad, Nana, Grandpa & Grandma & in front Aunt Rhandi, of course Grandma has Madilyn

I love this picture! There would never be any denying that she is my daughter, besides the fact I'm still in surgery LOOK at those faces! At least Nana smile from the pic!

Introducing Madilyn Grace born 7/11 6:32pm 8lbs. 14oz. 21 in.

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