Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pics I forgot

I had forgotten some pics of special people & didn't want anyone to feel left out, if you aren't on here, I don't have one...Aunt Jayne, if you are reading this (...hint hint)

My 3 neices Destiny, Jenny & Tisha (my buddy on the bed with me of course!) aka the 3 Tisha's!
Nana & Madi

Grand-dad & Madi

Grandma & Madi

Grandpa & Madi

Lori & Madi...ok funny story here! We are at my moms, me Madi, Linds & Lori ~Linds is behind the camera & doesn't realize it is on video, so Lori now has a video of Linds saying how does this work I don't know if it is taking a picture or not, so we are all giggling, of course, trying to figure it out & Lori is saying between her teeth, take the picture, have you taken the picture? So, maybe it was funnier if you were there but it was another great moment with the girls, LOL! We miss you Lori!

Linds & Madi

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